Hagen & Goebel - Soest / Germany

Saelzerweg 3, D-59494 Soest - Telefon +49 2921 590 16 0, Telefax +49 2921 590 16 66

We, the company Firma Hagen & Goebel in Soest develops, designs and produces components and machines for chip production metal works.

Our specialities are machines and units for fast realising inside tapps. Additionally we produce machines and units for manufactoring workpieces with rotating tool. Regarding many years experiences in building of special machines we are able to delivery many solutions of workpiece clamping systems.

Our customers are also several famous companies in car production and there benders, metal - and electrical industry in Germany as well as all over the world.

Our products are especially:

Spindle units, slideway units, tapping units, machining units in several designs, cross traverse units, vices for round and square material, pneumatic cylinders, tapping machines, keyway position check system, as well as special machines regarding customers request and workpiece end machining machines with one or more stations.

Our exhibition activities for the year 2017 are:
- EMO 2017 in Hannover       18. - 23.09.2017           Hall __ booth ___