About us

The Company Hagen & Goebel of Soest develops designs and produces components and machines for chip generating metalworking. The particular specialities are machines and units for tapping and machining units for metal cutting with rotating tools. In addition, from the basis of decades of experience of special purpose machine tool manufacture

Hagen & Goebel offer an extensive programme of clamping techniques.   

Established customers include numerous well known suppliers to the automobile industry, metal product manufacturers, foundries and the electro-industry at home and abroad.

The Hagen & Goebel Company was founded in 1933 originally as a supplier to the Hagen Battery AG in Soest. In the 30's the founder incorporated the threading machine production programme of the Brothers Thiel Co. of Ruhla in Thueringen and these products were consistently developed by Hagen & Goebel.

After the war the Company continued with these products as their standard programme with many special purpose machine solutions being developed and built for various types of machining operations.

An additional new impulse was received by Hagen & Goebel through their takeover by the AXA Company ( Schoeppingen / Westf.) in the late 80's and while retaining their independence the spectrum of products were continually extended.

In close contact with the Soest Machine Engineering division of the University / Polytechnic Paderborne pioneering developments have been made particularly in the area of high speed thread machining. The most modern control techniques were, as a consequence, integrated into Hagen & Goebel product development.

In mid 1991 the administration and operations facility were moved to the industrial area of Soest South-East and have continued to this time to be repeatedly expanded. The company site is only approx. 25% developed today so that considerable future expansion is possible.  

In the autumn of 2000 the "Busch" product programme -  CNC Keyway milling machines and also CNC production boring and milling machines of the Company A and W Busch in Gevelsberg were taken over by Hagen & Goebel and produced as independent product lines in Soest, supervised by experienced staff and incorporate the delivery of spares and the service of the machine tools delivered by the Busch company. In the meantime the production and the sales for complete machines and machine solutions was transfered to the mother company AXA in Schoeppingen. We up to now take care on all requests of "Busch" vices and special keyway milling equipment.

To ensure the independent production of these programmes, an enlarged  building came into operation at the turn of the year 2000/2001.

In turn of the year 2001/2002 the company enlarged the building for business and technical engineering area.

Beginning of year 2008 a new production facility was built. By this way now we are much better able to realise the much increased orders just in time.

With the growing popularity and acceptance of the Hagen & Goebel and "Busch" product programmes by customers, the staff is being continually increased.