Our partner 

Attached you will find some additional informations of producers we are working with. We prefer there quality regarding long time experiences.

EMUGE-FRANKEN is an alliance of companies in the thread, testing, clamping and milling technology offers advanced technology - and more than 80 years. Some of the 1300 employees, of which about 8% of trainees, are responsible for the extensive range of services responsible. All activities are aimed at manufacturing processes in order to optimize the user solutions, which save time and money. 

The tool program that includes approximately 110 000 articles. In addition to the stock standard program developed EMUGE-FRANKEN together with its customers special tools, based on the current process and conditions on the machine vote. 

Art production facilities and an extensive quality assurance are the foundation for enduring excellence. Both companies are on CNC machines, standard and special tools after the latest procedure. Extensive testing and testing during all phases of production to guarantee consistent quality. 

An integrated service package, depending on product matched, rounds out the performance range. 
Through the sales organizations in over 40 countries around the world are EMUGE-FRANKEN for all customers quickly and can be reached on a country-specific circumstances into.


The company Romai (Robert Maier GmbH) develops, designs and manufactures since 1957 rationalization tools for cutting production. These are, for example, multi-spindle heads, driven tools and all kinds of other gear. The product spectrum ranges from about 1KG up to 5 tons.


The Intool AG focuses on the distribution of products in need of advice on industrial and commercial customers in Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein. The trating range manufactoring technology includes tool holders, workpiece clamping, cutting tools and machine tool accessories, for assembly technology primarily pneumatic and electric tools.


Gühring is one of the world's leading provider of tools for rotating machining. The current catalog program includes a total of over 1.650 different varieties tool with more than 44.000 different items for the drilling, production and the thread milling, sinks and rubbing. Tooling systems such as GM 300 or GE 100 round out the offerings. Upon request, manufactures Gühring also optimized for use special tools for customized cutting operations. 

The great performance and innovation of one company resulted from its more than 100-year-tool know-how, in a dedicated center of excellence for research and development is concentrated. Here, new ideas and tools are known geometries constantly revised and improved. In addition, the R & D center customers in the development of their special tools advice. Gühring other hand, but also about their own areas for the development and production of carbides, coatings and equipment or machinery.


Wilhelm & Co.GmbH is a trade company, founded in 1919, and pepresents technology for machine tools and industrial tools. With a rounded program, all major manufacturing and measuring the workpiece machining are covered. This is supported by a matching service program (commissioning, training, repairs, calibration, etc.) nor supplements.


Das Stammwerk der AXA GmbH liegt in Schöppingen/Westfalen.
Neben der eigenen Entwicklung von Problemlösungen sowohl im Konstruktions- als auch im Steuerungs- und Softwarebereich besteht eine, für AXA typisch, sehr hohe Fertigungstiefe, welche gerade auch bei Sonderlösungen hohe Flexibilität und Termintreue garantiert.